Av. Önder Kutay Şeker, LL.M.

Following his graduation from Bilkent University School of Law in 2009, Mr. Seker was accepted into Ankara Bar Association in 2010. After initially focusing on slander and defamation cases, he turned his focus to the Internet and cyberspace. He gained his master’s degree at Universiteit van Tilburg with his thesis “International Regulation of National Cybercrime Jurisdiction” in 2012. From 2012 and onwards he worked as an associate specialized in Internet Law, IT Law and Law of Contracts in various top law firms.

During his career, he represented numerous multinational companies, including tech giants and major energy companies as well as significant local companies from various industries such as automotive, construction, education, publishing and entertainment. He has significant experience in both civil and criminal litigation.

Mr. Seker is the founding partner of OKS Law Office.

Languages: English, German
Email: oks@okseker.av.tr

Av. Jülide Beyza Cevher

Following his graduation from Istanbul University School of Law in 2017, Ms. Cevher was accepted into Istanbul Bar Association in 2018. After completing her legal internship in Banking & Finance Law team of a top law office she started providing legal consultancy to corporations in the various fields of law particularly in Corporate Law, Law of Contracts and Tax Law.

Jülide Beyza Cevher is currently representing numerous international construction, energy and telecommunication companies and also takes part in assisting start-ups and companies that wish to establish a company or a liaison office in Turkey. 

Languages: English