In the light of the new regulation on Internet broadcasts and amidst the concerns for Internet freedom, we compared US and UK laws and court decisions on obscenity with the current Turkish laws and Turkish Supreme Court decisions in this article.

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You may read our interview to Euronews regarding the terrorist attacks in News Zealand and Internet access bans under Turkish law from the link :

With the ability of social media personalities to influence the purchasing behaviour of masses, the advertising sector started to rely heavily on influencers instead of conventional advertising. In this article we will discuss the legality of influencer marketing under Turkish Law. 

Even though lease agreements, unlike some other fields of law, directly impact almost the entire society, due to very complex provisions of Turkish Law of Obligations (TBK) both parties to such contracts frequently encounter legal problems and even lose their rights which are enshrined in the law due to numerous statutes of limitations.

In this article we elaborated on the jurisdiction of courts in the event of online trademark disputes in light of  Law No. 5651 which is the main law regulating the Internet broadcasting in Turkey, Industrial Property Law and Turkish Supreme Court precedents.          

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